“nothing but amazing”

I work with many business owners and have referred clients to Zane and have heard nothing but amazing things about him. I will continue to refer him business without reservation.

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Jonathan E.
Santa Clara, CA

You will want Zane on your side

You have won the lottery if Zane chooses to represent you. I did my research; sought out every lawyer within the area (yes, I yelped and googled every lawyer within a 50mile radius from me) and I was so lucky to have gotten a response back from Zane. I cannot express how lucky I was to have him choose to represent me. Not only does Zane know every little detail of current/up to date law issues, but he has a charismatic, charming and professional demeanor that can put anyones feeling of fear, stress and emotion and worries at ease. Zane is like the guy you see on TV shows/movies and say “I would want THAT guy on my side-for sure” type of guy.

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Joyce L.
San Jose, CA

Zane Becker is absolutely bulletproof.

I strongly advise all business owners to consult Mr. Becker for (or) prior to any legal suits. You may think your establishment is protected, but you will be blown away with unwanted surprises. Zane’s main objective as your attorney is to ensure ultimate protection for your business and is able to structure plans that prevents lawsuits before they can even happen. He is one of a kind. Thanks, Zane.

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Chris C.
Palo Alto, CA

Zane “WILL go above and beyond for you”

Zane Becker. The one and ONLY man in the Bay Area who has and WILL go above and beyond for you and gets the job done. Bottom line. No hesitation. Would never think about going to anyone else. He da man.

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Jae T.
Palo Alto, CA

Zane is a “absolutely tenacious litigator”

I’ve worked with and interviewed several attorneys between general business law and employment law- Zane is by far at the top of the list and I come to him first every single time. I’ve worked with him on various challenges over the last year, and there is absolutely no price that can be put on the peace of mind I am provided by having this guy in my corner.

Zane is not a conceptual attorney basing his strategy on theory, he is an absolutely tenacious litigator who knows how to protect his clients based on real, modern applications. He is able to explain the varying degrees of risk associated with every option, then very clearly explains what he feels is the best course of action and why.

Zane’s record is proof that every attorney is not capable of bringing the level of integrity, patience, strategy and timing to the table that he can. Zane is a winner. For your own benefit, consult with Zane Becker if you’re in need.

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Brett Dashe

“I have heard nothing but high praise”

If you’re looking for an employment law attorney in San Jose to help protect your business, then you need to talk to Zane. I referred a neighbor to Zane and have heard nothing but high praise. He works mostly with employers and knows how to navigate the overly complicated employment law field. As an attorney myself, I know how important it is to hire experienced counsel when litigation appears possible. If you’re worried about a possible problem with an employee or a government agency, Zane is the attorney to talk to.

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Adam E. - San Francisco, CA

“Zane has a heart of gold”

I can’t say enough about Zane. Our organization met him during a difficult time. Zane was not only able to guide us, but also protected and educated us.  His expertise on both sides of the employee and employer relationship, gives him a practical edge over other attorneys. The best part is he cares about his clients, is ethical, and has a heart of gold! If you are in need of an extraordinary employment attorney, call him you won’t be disappointed!

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Abigail R. - Los Altos, CA

“Zane really cares about his clients”

For my legal needs, I’ve used Zane Becker for years now and continue to be impressed with his quality of work and knowledge of employment law. Zane is easy to reach, very personable, and really cares about his clients. Whenever I have an employment law issue, Zane is definitely the first person I call. If you need an employment law attorney, I would recommend Zane 100%.

George Reisch, CIC
Senior Broker at Wood, Gutmann & Bogart Insurance Brokers

“Zane thinks out of the box”

Zane Becker is an incredibly adept and creative attorney. His out of the box thinking is something I have great respect and value for, and I have often called him for advice on matters of his expertise. Zane operates himself with the utmost integrity and ethics and he can be relied upon as a trusted and reliable adviser.

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Neville Vania, MA
Senior Human Resources Manager for the City of Pittsburg, CA

Professional, Reliable and Trustworthy

I have worked with Zane on a number of occasions, all with excellent results. He is among the most friendly, professional, reliable and trustworthy people that I have met. Zane provides fair and well-thought out legal advice in a friendly and informative manner. He is accessible, timely and caring in his responses. Zane’s in-depth knowledge of employment law can help employers in crisis situations or with day-to-day operations in hopes to prevent crisis situations. I highly recommend Zane to any employers looking for an employment attorney

Michelle Walsh, MBA - Human Resources Consultant
Menlo Park

Zane has considerable negotiating skills

I felt that my problem shared with Zane immediately became his concern and that I could put a stressful situation behind me. I had had little response from a former client who decided he didn’t want to pay me any more for the work we had done. Within a few days, however, Zane had received the offer of an additional payment. But he kept telling me “I can get more.” He was right and I received almost all I was owed.

When Zane took on the problem, I was able to relax and let him work on my behalf. He was reassuring to me and totally professional but uncompromising towards my debtor. I know that mine was not strictly a labor problem, but I am glad Zane was able to put his considerable negotiating skills to work on my behalf.

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Ian Harris
Harris Landscaping Inc., Redwood City, CA

“Zane is very easy to work with”

I highly recommend Zane Becker as an employment law attorney. He is very knowledgeable about employment law and he really cares about his clients. I’ve referred him clients before and always heard great things about his work. I’ve also come to Zane with my own employment law issues and found him to be very easy to work with and he simplifies the complexities of the employment law world. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs help with an employment law issue.

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Nick Valldeperas
Sales Manager at Marketo, San Francisco, CA

“Zane makes me look good”

As an ADP representative, I work with a lot of small business owners. Whether they are new business owners who need to put policies or contracts in place, or business owners who are having issues with employees, I refer them all to Zane.

I have heard nothing but great things from my clients after they meet with Zane – he definitely makes me look good! I wouldn’t ever hesitate to refer him to my most valuable clients.

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Bryn B.
Sunnyvale, CA

“The best investments I have made in protecting my business”

I am a small business owner and I have worked with Zane for the past two years. He has helped talk me through a number of issues I have had with employees, including walking me through the process of terminating employees. He is able to explain the intricate and annoying employment laws that California has to offer small business owners in a way that I can understand.

Having Zane by my side helps me sleep at night because now I know that I have someone in my corner to help prevent me from falling into what seems to be a number of dangerous traps for business owners, for example all the rules around paying exempt and nonexempt employees or meal/rest break rules. I can also sleep knowing that if something does go wrong he will be able to fight on my behalf. I highly recommend all business owners, whether you are currently in trouble or want to avoid trouble to talk to Zane. He is one the of the best investments I have made in protecting my business!

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Megan T.
Los Gatos, CA

Zane is “passionate about employment law”

“I am pleased to share my opinions about Zane Becker’s professionalism, knowledge, and integrity. I have known Zane for many years, both professionally and personally; he is the only employment law attorney I’d recommend. As a practicing attorney myself for over 30 years, I have employed/mentored many lawyers. Those experiences have solidified my confidence in Zane as an outstanding practitioner who is passionate about employment law and the interests of his clients. And, he provides those services with good humor, patience with client questions, and at a reasonable cost.”

Susan Benett
Law Office of Benett & Becker, Campbell, CA

“A man of integrity”

Zane Becker is not just a efficient and knowledgeable attorney, he is a man of integrity. So many people are litigious these days, what better way to arm yourself then with someone who has your best interest at heart. I am grateful to have him on my side and you will too. I feel more confident doing my job knowing I have him there to support me. You can count on him and that is saying allot.

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Shelynn Morenco-Raygoza
Bay Area Property Management, Newark, CA

“Zane is very knowledgeable and a great listener”

I had the pleasant experience of working with Zane on a Labor Law case in San Jose. Very professional, very good contacts and networking, very knowledgeable and a great listener. I have a personal business utilizing Caregivers and Zane educated me on specific things that have helped me considerably in my business. Based on my business with Zane and results achieved, I would recommend Zane Becker as a Labor Law Attorney for your case.

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Stephen Dawes
Dawes Home Care, Los Gatos, CA

Zane’s Service is Invaluable

I can’t tell you how good it feels to have Zane Becker in my corner! Not only is his track record for his clients perfect, but he’s also a great guy, who truly cares about his clients and protecting their businesses. He’s always made himself available for advice, and he is so easy to communicate with. He helped me with an independent contractor agreement and the process was fast, smooth, and very thorough. I’ve learned that paying forward for proper protection and to avoid problems (by consulting with Zane) is always a better investment than paying for an attorney to defend you when a problem arises. Zane’s service is invaluable, and I’d recommend him to anyone.

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Craig Radley

“Zane produces great outcomes”

I’ve had the opportunity to work with several attorneys throughout my career and Zane is among the best I’ve worked with. He is thorough, detailed, efficient, professional, very personable and most of all produces great outcomes for his clients. His approach to law is one of fairness and integrity. While always looking out for my best interest on the law front, he also puts me in touch with quality folks that can help progress my business and expand my network. Through his actions, I know Zane has my back as a business owner. If you’re a business owner and need help from employment related matters to contracts, Zane gets the job done and in a way you’ll be proud of.

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Lyndon Conaway
President/Owner of Eco-Clean, Sunnyvale, CA


Zane Becker is one of the most diligent individuals in the legal profession. His drive, commitment, professionalism, and dedication are unparalleled. He is never one to shy away from going the extra mile to protect and fight for his clients, all while showing the highest professionalism and virtue. I look forward to working with Zane again in the future.

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Daniel Menendez
Wylie McBride Platten & Renner, San Jose, CA

“Incredibly powerful attorney”

“I have worked with Zane for about 6 months and have sent him referral business. One of the many great things about Zane is he has a unique ability to set clients at ease, especially when they are looking at what could be a potentially devastating situation. The other thing that sets him apart is his incredible expertise in the area of Employment law, the skills he learned as a plaintiffs attorney makes him an incredibly powerful attorney as a defense attorney. I am grateful to work with Zane and the referrals I have sent him have glowing reviews as well. Thank you Zane for winning cases but most of all peace of mind!”


Rahul Dhavale
Vice President at IPopularity