C. Zane Becker, ESQ.
Employment Law Attorney
(408) 564-6909

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"I have worked with Zane for about 6 months and have sent him referral business. One of the many great things about Zane is he has a unique ability to set clients at ease, especially when they are looking at what could be a potentially devastating situation. The other thing that sets him apart is his incredible expertise in the area of Employment law, the skills he learned as a plaintiffs attorney makes him an incredibly powerful attorney as a defense attorney. I am grateful to work with Zane and the referrals I have sent him have glowing reviews as well. Thank you Zane for winning cases but most of all peace of mind!"

Rahul Dhavale

Vice President at IPopularity

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"I have worked with Zane on a number of occasions, all with excellent results. He is among the most friendly, professional, reliable and trustworthy people that I have met. Zane provides fair and well-thought out legal advice in a friendly and informative manner. He is accessible, timely and caring in his responses. Zane’s in-depth knowledge of employment law can help employers in crisis situations or with day-to-day operations in hopes to prevent crisis situations. I highly recommend Zane to any employers looking for an employment attorney"

Michelle Walsh, MBA

Human Resources Consultant

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"Zane Becker is an incredibly adept and creative attorney. His out of the box thinking is something I have great respect and value for, and I have often called him for advice on matters of his expertise. Zane operates himself with the utmost integrity and ethics and he can be relied upon as a trusted and reliable adviser."

Neville Vania, MA

Senior Human Resources Manager for the City of Pittsburg, CA

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"Zane Becker is one of the most diligent individuals in the legal profession. His drive, commitment, professionalism, and dedication are unparalleled. He is never one to shy away from going the extra mile to protect and fight for his clients, all while showing the highest professionalism and virtue. I look forward to working with Zane again in the future."

Daniel Menendez

Attorney at Wylie McBride Platten & Renner

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"I highly recommend Zane Becker as an employment law attorney. He is very knowledgeable about employment law and he really cares about his clients. I’ve referred him clients before and always heard great things about his work. I’ve also come to Zane with my own employment law issues and always found him to be very easy to work with and he simplifies the complexities of the employment law world. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs help with an employment law issue."

Nick Valldeperas

Sales Manager at Marketo

Superior Employment Defense

C. Zane Becker, Esq. is a successful, knowledgeable, and experienced employment law attorney that protects employers from costly employment law issues.  He is your best ally in navigating California’s complex employment laws as they relate to hiring, managing, disciplining, and terminating employees.  Zane works closely with all of his clients in their employee-related processes to ensure compliance with California's employment laws.  His goal is to protect his clients from imminent problems and future litigation.  Zane also aggressively defends employers against lawsuits in State and Federal Court and disputes before the State and Federal Administrative Agencies (i.e. Labor Commissioner, EDD, etc.).  If you are looking for a superior employment law attorney, you should consult C. Zane Becker, Esq.