C. Zane Becker, ESQ.

C. Zane Becker, Esq. is an experienced employment law attorney located in San Jose, California.  Zane attended law school at Santa Clara University and gained invaluable experience clerking for the Honorable Mary Jo Levinger in Santa Clara County Superior Court.  As an attorney, Zane started out representing employees only, taking on multiple Fortune 500 companies and other huge corporations located throughout the country.

For years Zane excelled as a plaintiff’s attorney, obtaining six figure settlements for several of his clients while taking on the largest law firms and more experienced attorneys.  Zane was also co-counsel on a class action which resulted in a settlement in excess of six million ($6,000,000) dollars for his client.

After successfully representing employees for years, Zane now primarily represents employers.  Zane continues to succeed and has saved employers hundreds of thousands of dollars by defeating employee claims without merit and by educating employers on how to comply with California’s complex employment laws.

“Incredibly powerful attorney”

“I have worked with Zane for about 6 months and have sent him referral business. One of the many great things about Zane is he has a unique ability to set clients at ease, especially when they are looking at what could be a potentially devastating situation. The other thing that sets him apart is his incredible expertise in the area of Employment law, the skills he learned as a plaintiffs attorney makes him an incredibly powerful attorney as a defense attorney. I am grateful to work with Zane and the referrals I have sent him have glowing reviews as well. Thank you Zane for winning cases but most of all peace of mind!”


Rahul Dhavale
Vice President at IPopularity